WHAT QUOGUE IS DOINGVillage of Quogue, founded 1659. Peter Sartorious, Mayor of Quogue, is leading the village’s efforts to preserve the community’s precious natural resources. Click here to learn what Quogue is doing.

Twelve years before Sandy struck, a group of Quogue citizens formed the Save the Dunes and Beaches Foundation, Inc., a 501 (c)3 not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation and protection of the dunes and beaches of Quogue through education, advocacy and public action. The barrier beach protects all residents and it is an economic engine that affects the property values of all residents as well as the economic viability of local businesses. We are all stewards of our shoreline. The Quogue Beach Bulletin is open to contributions to advance public knowledge and discussion.

WHAT OUR NEIGHBOR DIDWest Hampton Dunes, Inc, founded 1993. Mayor Gary Vegliante organized the community efforts that saved the beach so that it was unharmed by Sandy. Click here to learn what our neighbor did.

Fact Finding

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The Major Reports

Quogue Beaches: Here today, Gone tomorrow? “Beach nourishment is a viable engineering alternative for shore protection; its application is suitable for some, but not all, locations where erosion is occurring.”

On Transparency in the Coastal Hazard Mitigation Debate by Dr. David R. Basco, Professor Emeritus, Old Dominion University. “All solutions are site specific.”

Quogue Beach Restoration Summary “Quogue’s 2.7 mile coastline has lost 60,000 cubic yards per year since the 1950s, equivalent to a 5 feet per year shoreline recession.”

Quogue Beach Final Feasibility Report

Storm Surge Research

Long Island South Shore study by Jay Tanski, with New York Sea Grant. “Bringing Science to the Shore.”

lifeguardWho’s guarding the beaches?

BERM BUILDING Peter Sartorius, the Mayor of Quogue, announces that the DEC has approved a five-year program for the village to replenish the eroded dunes to the east and west of the village beach. Bulldozers are depositing sand scraped from surplus summer berms. The fifteen day project began on August 22 and is mandated to be completed by August 31.