“As a practical matter, beach nourishment is the only way to address it [erosion] on any scale…”

Quogue Trustee Decision on June 21, 2019

Save Our Beach. Save Our Community.

State of the Quogue Village Beach

Video and photo timeline show the State of Quogue Village Beach.

WHB 200 Homes Lost in 1993 Ocean Breach - Steps could have been taken to stop this disaster

Trailer for “The Incredible Journey: The Story Of West Hampton Dunes”.

Quogue Slosh Map Depicts Inland Damage if Dune Road Breached

This map demonstrates the impact beyond the barrier reef to mainland Quogue. Historical homes, property and businesses will be severely damaged. 

South Shore of Long Island Beach Restoration Projects

The Star Map indicates restoration projects completed, approved, and pending from Montauk to Coney Island.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs are prepared by the Save the Dunes & Beaches Foundation, with consultation from First Coastal Corporation, and reflect information as of April 2021.

Beach Nourishment Works

East of Shinnecock Inlet

It Works: Montauk to Receive FIMP

Montauk received emergency beach nourishment in 2016 and is slated to receive FIMP in 2020.

IT Works: Sagaponack, Watermill and Bridgehampton receive Beach Nourishment in 2014

 The July 2017 beach survey shows favorable results for Sagaponack and Bridgehampton and Watermill with significant volume gains in the dune and underwater zones. Using the FEMA reference depth of −19 ft NAVD (as of July 2017), the Sagaponack BECD retains ~120 percent and the Bridgehampton BECD retains ~118 percent of their original nourishment volumes.

West of Shinnecock Inlet

It Works: Hampton Bays & East Quogue begin beach nourishment in 2020

Federal Emergency Aid approved in 2020 for WOSI (West of Shinnecock Inlet) and FIMP is expected in 2021. (Photo: Southampton Town)

It Works: Westhampton Beach

November, 2014 Westhampton Beach received $14.2 million in federally funded Beach Nourishment and continues to receive regular Beach Nourishment maintenance as required for 21st century beach living. 

It Works: Westhampton Dunes

Westhampton Dunes was born from the disastrous dune road breach that wiped out 200 homes. Beach Nourishment would have prevented this catastrophe. Today Westhampton Dunes is the beneficiary of Beach Nourishment and has been a stable beach.