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“As a practical matter, beach nourishment is the only way to address it [erosion] on any scale…”

June 21, 2019 Decision by Quogue Mayor Peter Sartorious (2020) and Trustees Randy Cardo (2021), Ted Necarsulmer (2021), Jeannette Obser (2020), Kimberley Payne (2020)

Sign our Petition in Support of Beach Nourishment for Quogue

About the Petition
I am signing my name to this petition expressing my support for Quogue to join our neighboring communities along the East End of Long Island who are participating in beach nourishment and ask that the Mayor and Trustees address how we will bring beach nourishment to the Quogue Village Beach.

Quogue needs to make a plan for, and to implement, beach nourishment as the current state of the Quogue Village Beach is dire and the danger of severe consequences have increased substantially.

While we may cherish various aspects of Quogue, it is the Beach which most significantly defines us as a summer resort community and as such, directly affects the value of our homes.

The plan for beach nourishment can be paid for and implemented through (1) a Village tax, (2) a privately funded Beach Erosion Control District or (3) FIMP. The determination of which alternative, and the process, will be determined by the Quogue Mayor and Trustees. It is critical that the Mayor and Trustees know that they can count on your support for a beach nourishment initiative.

We respect your privacy and your name will not be shared publicly and submitted only to the Mayor and Trustees. This petition is not a legally binding document and does not commit you to any action or to pay for beach nourishment for Quogue but does indicate your support for the Mayor and Trustees to immediately act on addressing our eroding/disappearing beach through beach nourishment.

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The petition is electronic and you can add your name by completing the prompts.

Petition: Support Beach Nourishment for Quogue

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