April 8, 2021

At Quaquanantuck: Building Momentum 

In a village facing no shortage of important issues—before, during, and (fingers crossed) after Covid—nothing can match the significance of the existential question of how to respond to, and contend with, erosion of the barrier beach.
Gone are the days when people were naive enough to suggest that it was only a problem for those who chose to live in homes perched on the dunes and “let them deal with it.” Accelerated by climate change, the shrinking shoreline and the threat of breaching represent a clear and present danger not only to our way of life but to the very survival of all the communities arrayed across the south shore of Long Island.

April 5, 2021

Mayor Sartorius FIMP Update Email to Residents

With beach stickers now for sale and the 2021 version of the stairs at the Village Beach now in place, I thought that people might be interested in the status of the long-running Fire Island to Montauk Point Project as it pertains to Quogue, and so here is my current understanding…

March 25, 2021

Army Corps visits Quogue Beach to reassess where FIMP should be implemented

Post provided by Aram Terchunian of First Coastal

The Quogue Village Police and First Coastal escorted the USACE and NYSDEC on a field inspection of the Quogue and East Quogue ocean beaches on Thursday, March 25th to review the proposed dune and beach alignment and to determine if there were any show stoppers with regard to the preliminary project layout and design. The good news is that there are none!

USACE representatives from engineering, real estate, and planning along with coastal erosion personnel from the NYSDEC were also shown the recent erosion at the Quogue Village beach. The USACE engineering staff will review the authorized project design against current conditions (which have changed considerably since the preliminary design) to determine if the project can be extended westward to at least the Village beach and perhaps farther west.

Although the project is presently scheduled for construction in September 2023, the USACE and NYSDEC along with the Town of Southampton and Village of Quogue are investigating what is necessary to advance that schedule. That conversation is ongoing and updates will be provided as progress is made. 

February 4, 2021

Village Voice Newsletter from Mayor Sartorious

Dear Quogue Residents,

As anyone who was in Quogue at the beginning of this week knows, the storm that hit us on Monday was a real doozy. The wind and the ocean were roaring all night, and my trip to the Village Beach at dawn on Tuesday morning confirmed what I fully expected—the stair was not there. So the beach is not accessible at the Village Beach and will not be until well into spring. Please use common sense and do not go out on the walkway or climb out on the dunes or on the sandbags. You will only make a bad situation worse and could get seriously hurt. You can still go to the Village Beach and enjoy the view from the deck. You can access the beach on foot via the overpass at the end of Beach Lane, adjacent to the Surf Club. As we did last year, we will suspend the “No Parking” status on that public road for beachgoers, but please take care not to block the overpass, which is used by vehicles having the necessary beach driving permit and equipment.

March 19, 2021

We’ve Reached our Q1 Fundraising Goal!

Thank you to all our financial supporters who have helped us reach and surpass our Q1 fundraising goal. The $25,300 raised during Q1 will support the continued service of an independent coastal geologist consultant and an awareness campaign to educate our Quogue neighbors. The awareness campaign includes keeping Quogue Beach Lovers updated through our website and social media channels. Please continue to support these efforts by donating on our GoFundMe page. 


March 3, 2021

FIMP for Quogue – Important Milestone, Obstacles & Opportunities

An important milestone occurred last week when the Fire Island to Montauk Point (FIMP) Program Participation Agreement (“PPA”) was delivered by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman. Schneiderman and the Town Board have been asked to review and return the executed PPA by March 2021. The PPA indicates that the Town of Southampton will agree to implement FIMP though beach and dune restoration; elevating houses in flood prone areas of the mainland; and enhancing coastal protection features on the barrier island and mainland. All of these actions are much needed on the flood prone mainland of Shinnecock and Moriches Bays as well as the Dune Road barrier island.

In order to participate in the FIMP project, the Town of Southampton will attain easements from Atlantic oceanfront property owners in the areas where sand will be placed to bolster the beach and dune.

While news stories indicate a delay for the beach projects in both Southampton (Quogue) and Montauk there is time and opportunity to complete the easement process enabling our Village to receive FIMP sooner than the proposed schedule.

January 12, 2021

Long-Awaited Beach Nourishment For Tiana, Montauk Slated For 2022

Will Quogue residents see the benefits of FIMP? Read more.We encourage you to celebrate Sir Harold Evan’s life by reading his obituary in the New York Times so you can learn about the infinite ways he helped make the world a better place.

November 2, 2020

Commemorating Sir Harold Evan’s Life

Sir Harold Evans was known for many incredible accomplishments, but the one closest to us was creating our very own Save the Dunes and Beaches Foundation. His vision, leadership, and commitment to our beachfront community was unwavering. As we continue to try and protect the shores of Quogue, we will do so while remembering him fondly.

We encourage you to celebrate Sir Harold Evan’s life by reading his obituary in the New York Times so you can learn about the infinite ways he helped make the world a better place.

August 3, 2020

5 Key NY-1 Projects Advance in Newly Passed Federal Maritime Infrastructure Legislation

Read the full official government press release.

July 11, 2020

Major Milestone reached for Fire Island to Montauk Point (FIMP) Project

Army Corps sings FIMP Report outlining recommendations.

January 26, 2020

Army Corps Awards $10.7 Million Contract for WOSI (West of Shinnecock Inlet) Dune Road Project

Read more. Multiple recent storms have caused severe damage to the dunes along the ocean side and led to severe flooding and washovers and a near breach of the barrier island just west of Shinnecock Inlet.

December 11, 2019

Quogue Village Voice Letter re: Public Access to beach

Quogue Village Voice Letter. Trustees answer demand for safe access and parking to citizens relying on public access to the beach.

Schumer and Zeldin Request aide to Dune Road

Schumer and Zeldin push for federal assistance along Dune Road.

Schumer and Zeldin Request aide to Dune Road to Army Corps: Use Your Power on Dune Road

Schumer and Zeldin push for federal assistance along Dune Road.

November 19, 2019

Quogue Village Voice Trustee Letter re: state of Village beach

Trustees commit to dump sand for the summer to reopen the Village Beach for summer and to look into FIMP for a long-term solution. You can download the letter here. The following is a letter from the Quogue Village Trustees, published in The Quogue Village Voice.

Quogue Trustee Decision

Decision by Mayor and Trustees to stop process of privately funded Beach Erosion Control District. Quogue is the only municipality on the East End of Long Island to reject the formation of a BECD….

Quogue Village Hearing on formation of Beach Erosion Control District

“If approved, the project would piggyback on a larger U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project to reconstruct 4.5 miles of beach between Hampton Bays and East Quogue. The village proposal recommends dumping roughly 536,000 cubic yards of sand along a 1.1-mile stretch of…