Beach Restoration Project Update



It is clear that, even with a Congressional vote of funds following Superstorm Sandy, Federal monies will not be available for beach nourishment in the foreseeable future. Without local determination, we face the consequences of more storms, rising sea levels from climate change, and progressive erosioion from east to west.

There is no escaping that to cherish and nurture our heritage – our duty – the restoration and maintenance of Quogue’s superb beaches is the responsibility of all the residents under the leadership of the Mayor and the Village Trustees. The Save the Dunes and Beaches Foundation Inc. was created for this purpose and no other.


Since 2006, the Foundation has been on a mission to educate the community and explore the best way to ensure the health and survival of Quogue’s most precious asset: our beaches.

An evaluation of alternative plans has been completed, and studies demonstrate that beach nourishment when properly done, is a responsible means of preserving the natural beach barrier. To that end, the Village has filed the necessary applications to government authorities. We now must determine whether Quogue will join the necklace of Long Island communities engaged in the concerted long-term enterprise, like our neighbors to the west and east: West Hampton Dunes, Fire Island, Sagaponack and Bridgehampton.


The Foundation commissioned a coastal engineering team, (First Coastal: Coastal Science and Engineering), to conduct a study of our coastline. The study concluded that Quogue dredge compatible with beach sand from the ocean bottom and deposited it in a pattern to widen the beach by approximately 80 to 145 feet seaward, thus significantly strengthening the barrier island. Conventional snow fencing and beach grass would be installed along the new dune fronts to enhance the natural sand gathering process and further strengthen the dune.


Once the project is completed, our beaches would meet FEMA standards for engineered beaches. A major storm that is categorized as a federal emergency thus allows the Village to qualify for reimbursement from FEMA to replace lost sand.


The current estimated project cost is $12 million. The Foundation is investigating various options of financing with the Village of Quogue to determine the most equitable distribution of costs to benefits.


The Board of Directors of the Foundation unanimously recommends a collective project to counter the slow, steady erosion of dunes and beach. For the consistent support and encouragement, we thank all our friends and neighbors; we especially appreciate those like our president who have drawn on generations of experience in Quogue. We hope the efforts and any commentary may now take us to a point, at last, where we may have a conclusion satisfactory for all.

Please signal your support by completing the form below as soon as possible. With wide support, we will succeed.