(From a recent letter to the editor about the NYSDEC public hearing)

“I am writing in support of bringing beach nourishment to Quogue. Beach nourishment is the most environmentally sensitive method of addressing long term beach erosion.

On August 10th at 6PM, the NYSDEC, will hold a public hearing in the Village Courthouse. It will be an opportunity to support the issuance of a permit. The public hearing focuses on the environmental impact of beach nourishment.

The decision whether Quogue should construct a project will be determined by the village through education and reaching a consensus. While the issuance of a permit does not bind the village to construct a project, it does provide the ability to quickly react in the face of a disastrous storm, or worse yet, a dune breach.

Maintaining Quogue’s uniqueness requires the preservation of its beautiful beach, which weaves together the environmental, economic, and social fabric of the community.”