The Wall Street Journal recently posted this story on the rebuilt Jersey Shore, and how the continued recovery from Superstorm Sandy is lifting the communities there.

As commentary on the article, Danny Frank of SDBF said the following:

The 2.7 miles of oceanfront beach at Quogue Village, eastern Long Island is a relevant “case study”. Comprehensive data research and science by the Save The Dunes and Beaches Foundation ( documents that this beach gets denied about 60,000 cubic yards of sand each year which should have naturally flowed from east to west. Over many decades, Quogue Village’s beach has become weak and distressed.

The SDBF in association with Quogue’s Mayor and Village Board has submitted an application with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to restore 1.1M cubic yards of sand from compatible “borrow areas” in the ocean.

This pro-active effort bringing improved strength, protection, and quality for Quogue Village beach—can mean important economic development benefits and increased real estate valuations throughout the entire community.

(This past year, Quogue’s neighboring communities, Sagaponack and Bridgehampton completed similar beach nourishment projects—and their residents appear to be very supportive of the results.)

Photo: Nick Harris/Flickr