This month The Southampton Press ran this letter to the editor from SDBF President Marjorie Kuhn:

Efforts Validated

During Southampton Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst’s September 20 visit to Quogue Village hosted by the Quogue Association, she validated the efforts by the Save The Dunes and Beaches Foundation [“More Backing For Beach Work,” September 25]. Drawing upon the most recent case studies in Southampton Town (Sagaponack, Bridgehampton and Water Mill), her analysis reaffirms the importance of beach restoration and how these projects provide key safeguards to our beaches and municipal tax base.

Although there were leaders of the Concerned Citizens of Quogue in the audience, no one took issue, nor expressed opposition to, the supervisor’s endorsement of our proposed beach nourishment project. Considering all of the outside resource experts brought to Quogue in the past year by several community organizations, none of them was critical of our undertaking and, in fact, some were very positive.

It appears that no one can dispute the scientific data that has been researched and documented specific to Quogue’s oceanfront beach. As previously pointed out, it is the result of extensive study, an investment of some $100,000 generously contributed by friends and neighbors from our community.

Yes, opinions vary on what method should be used to finance Quogue’s beach restoration, which is why the Save the Dunes and Beaches Foundation developed five different financial options, all easy to understand and choose. Supervisor Throne-Holst alluded to the uncertainty of the federal government providing funds for our project. She described how it might take a number of years before any federal monies might be confirmed.

As Quogue Village residents, oceanfront or inland—many of us live in the flood plain—we must step up and take responsibility for our environment. A strong, well-protected quality beach will greatly reduce risk against any disaster, damage, further erosion, and more breaches or overwashes. Investment in this project will increase real estate equity value throughout the village, while further enhancing Quogue’s reputation as an outstanding oceanfront beach enclave of leisure and recreation.

Marjorie Kuhn
President, Save The Dunes and Beaches Foundation